SimplOR's GPO Program is Safety Satisfaction Sustainability

“By bringing in the expertise of SimplOR, we were able to drive even more cost-efficiencies. They didn’t change the management of our OR, but they changed our approach to implant manufacturers and distributorships,”
— Arkansas Surgical Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Carrie Helm

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SimplOR’s GPO+ Program is a customized plan for your facility that will boost quality and improve efficiencies, ensuring Safety, Sustainability, and Satisfaction.



A program that impacts factors tied to inferior clinical results.

- Remove sales bias

- Control OR traffic

- Increase accuracy & efficiency

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With lower costs for manufacturers, they can profitably lower their prices to you.

- Lower implant costs

- Maintain product choice



- Patient-focused approach

- Improved implant & instrument performance

- Satisfied physicians

Think of us as an extension of your team…

Because we offer a comprehensive program, including coverage support to implant manufacturers and hospitals.

We will learn what you do, then customize solutions to match your objectives — helping you to achieve safety, sustainability, and satisfaction within your facility.

Because the manufacturers we contract with realize savings of 30-70% on representation, you can, in turn, realize several benefits, including:

    • Supply chain efficiencies

    • Lowered implant prices

    • Eliminated sales bias

    • Reduced OR traffic

We like the SimplOR model. A case coverage specialist can help bridge the gap between coming in at a lower price to being able to accommodate the needs of low-cost centers.
— Chris Lee, CEO, Vertera Spine