Five Steps To Delivering Your Custom Program

Project Definition


Indepth consultation and assesment to determine the following:

* Success factors

* Scope

* Feasibility

Engineering and Planning


Using the information from the project definition stage, we create a custom plan that we deliver to you, addressing:

* Clinical and Facility

* Process Flow

* Service Team



The 3rd phase, delivery, will allow for the installation process to surpass expectations:

* Scheduling and Delivery

* QA / QC

* Execution

Ops and Implementation


Through the implemenation of our systems and integrating your, we work towards efficient back-end support.

* Safety

* Procedure planning

* Efficiency



The process of monitoring and revisiting steps 3-5 allow for ongoing success:

* Ops and Data Audit

* Gap Analysis

* Inventory Optimization



Our systems and processes are built to handle steady growth as well as unexpected case volume spikes to provide consistent coverage and maintain high customer satisfaction scores. The longevity of our partner relationships is a testimony to our ability to grow without sacrificing the quality of service.


Customized support

We take time to learn your objectives and tailor a services program that supports your program. We’ll work with you to create a services roadmap and provide guidance along the way.



Unlike reps who are required to provide clinical support in addition to growing sales, this is all we do. We are 100% dedicated to and focused on providing the best technical support services available anywhere. Period.



We utilize HUB.Healthcare’s software platform to enable us to fill the communication void left when sales reps aren’t there – streamlining communication.