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Supply Chain

Leveraging the consolidation of multiple people from multiple companies and managing several independent processes into one cohesive team and process, allows facilities to consider streamlining inventory, in addition to controlling when and how products enter the hospital. Existing platforms and processes employed by the facility are embraced and integrated into a comprehensive plan.

Each hospital has its own unique set of circumstances to take into consideration while creating a supply chain plan. Our program allows for methodologies tied to collaborative platforms and democratized processes. This allows us to consider means of reducing inefficiencies, provide better communication and implement planning tools to assist even the most complex of situations.

“By bringing in the expertise of SimplOR, we were able to drive even more cost-efficiencies.
— Arkansas Surgical Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Carrie Helm

Quality Control

On-site supervision and quality assurance programs are implemented to ensure projects meet phased goals, with minimal disruption, and to your satisfaction. Each project is completed under the supervision of our project management professionals, in coordination with our service team in the field. Additionally, manufacturers often assist in the creation of detailed processes and procedures, that help ensure quality and consistency through the process. 

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A Fully Customized Process

Our Project Quality Assurance Plan consists of two main components, (1) Process Quality and (2) Service Quality:

  • The Process Quality focuses on the processes used to create the project deliverables and includes the project management plans. This helps ensure the project’s processes and procedures are being adhered to by our project management team.

  • The Service Quality focuses on the project deliverables and ensures they are of acceptable quality as measured by our team, your facility, and its staff, surgeons and manufacturer partners.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimization allows for a reduction of stock items, minimizing carrying costs, increasing fulfillment turn rates, and ensuring margins are preserved. By balancing capital investments, maintaining service level goals, and considering supply and demand volatility, your facility can dramatically improve inventory turns, improve service levels, and significantly reduce costs.

Proper inventory management will allow us to keep the correct amount of stock on hand and reduce the minimum amount of stock required to maintain optimal service levels for your procedures.

SimplOR’s inventory optimization process involves accurately allocating your inventory across your supply chain channels and evaluating your supply and demand volatility. This determines optimal safety stock levels to reduce overall inventory and capital holding costs, and improve service to your surgeons.

Product flow optimization allows your hospital to effectively reduce waste.