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Less People. Reduced Risk. Better Support.

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Streamlined and efficient clinical support for your O.R.

Today’s hospitals are forced to deal with a complex web of third parties all trying to manage communication, logistics and clinical support for surgery. So many moving parts can seem chaotic.

We offer a dedicated team of people and unique technology that can be customized to fit your needs to provide you with a streamlined service to help you regain greater control inside your O.R.

Better Clinical Support

We get the materials and products you need for each case without product bias, staff turnover or sales incentives

Less Foot Traffic

We consolidate multiple sales reps coming in and out with one team that has access to all manufacturers and products

Dedicated Team

We assign a small team that integrates with your hospital, for consistent and standardized support for surgeons and administrators.

Is SimplOR the right solution for your hospital?

Establish and improve procedures to reduce O.R. errors

Maintain a safe and sterile environment with less foot traffic

Stop dealing with Sales Rep turnover and work with a dedicated team

Realize opportunities to reduce costs

“By bringing in the expertise of SimplOR, we were able to drive even more cost-efficiencies. They didn’t change the management of our OR, but they changed our approach to implant manufacturers and distributorships.”

— Carrie Helm, Chief Executive Officer, Arkansas Surgical Hospital

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Solutions we Provide

Inventory Management

We use efficient procedures and cutting-edge technology to ensure your vendor trays are received on time.

Case Support

We bridge the gap between hospitals and vendors, and provide technical support inside and outside the O.R.

Supply Chain

We reduce inefficiencies, improve communication and ensure you have the instruments and implants in place when needed.

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