Like many companies, simplOR was created out of necessity. The old model of multiple sales reps with multiple ways of doing things, hard-selling tactics and sporadic support has been around for too long and it is a broken process.

simplOR is changing that.

We’re replacing the crowd of sales reps that are coming in and out of your ORs every day and providing a single source solution that solves all the frustrations you’ve faced in the past.

We’re improving the support you get, enhancing safety for staff and patients, and eliminating the confusion and chaos surrounding the logistics of your clinical cases. We can even help find ways to reduce costs.

simplOR was founded by industry professionals that understand the frustrations you face. Our team offers over 45 years of industry experience and has built a system and technology that takes your OR operations from chaotic to efficient.

To learn more about how we’re revolutionizing and improving OR logistics, schedule a free consultation with one of our reps. We’re here to answer questions and improve your OR.

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simplOR is Like Your Sales Reps Without:

The selling

Bias towards particular brands

A high turnover of personnel

Additional people required in the OR

Our team of trained and certified experts are knowledgeable and capable of providing the right products at the right time, and ensuring you have the best possible clinical support. We see ourselves as service providers first and foremost and do everything possible to support your cases.