Inventory Management

SimplOR has been working alongside Duke Health Raleigh for over five years, helping them to streamline and standardize the process between the hallway and the OR.

Overall in hospital settings, a lack of standardization results in procedural mistakes. Consistency has a positive impact on patient safety, and costs are lowered through sustainability.

SimplOR’s team works with hospitals to research, conceptualize, plan, and implement processes on a case-by-case basis. Our experts are ready to take on clinical support and materials management, so that sales representatives can put more focus towards the primary function of their role.

When it comes to materials management, SimplOR works in the three main procedural areas: outside the OR, the sterile processing department, and the operating room.

The process is as follows:

Vendor tray containing implants and surgical instrument enter the hallway

Tray(s) are taken to the sterile processing department

Tray inventory is scanned and brought into the OR

Trays are opened and utilized

Following surgery:

Materials are placed in their respective trays and returned to the sterile processing department to be cleaned

Once cleaning is completed, trays are either removed from the hospital, or taken to the vendor room by SimplOR reps

All in all, SimplOR not only manages the materials, but we work with the surgical team to create the process for the pending procedure, and provide any software needed to succeed.

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