A customizable service delivery program

SimplOR provides your facility with a dedicated team of people and cutting-edge technology that can be customized to fit your needs. We help you gain greater control inside your facility as well as greater visibility outside of your facility in a way hospitals can’t do alone.

Explore our services below and contact us to discuss a customized solution for your facilities.

Inventory Management

We work with hospitals to research, conceptualize, plan, and implement processes on a case-by-case basis. Our experts are ready to take on clinical support and materials management, so that sales representatives can put more focus towards the primary function of their role.

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Case Support

We remove the need to deal with multiple sales reps and provide a dedicated team of highly trained technicians for case coverage support. We work directly with manufacturers on your behalf and are flexible with being on-hand at a specific facility or traveling to provide extra support as needed.

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Supply Chain

There’s no massive overhaul to your current system. We simply step in and create an improved and efficient process that integrates with your existing platform. Our approach helps you remove inefficiencies, improve communication, and ensure everything is at the right place at the right time.

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We have crafted solutions based on your needs.

"Device manufacturers are facing tremendous challenges amidst the changing landscape of the medical industry."

— Anthony Marino, COO, ExperTech Surgical