Supply Chain

SimplOR offers one consolidated program of people and process. Through this, hospitals are able to streamline inventory, right down to when and how products enter the facility.

Since our program is customizable, hospitals don’t have to get rid of their existing platforms or processes - we can make it work. As we combine our streamlined processes with how things are currently done, we consider means of reducing inefficiencies, better communication, and having tools in place to handle any situation that arises.

Quality Control

When it comes to quality control, we offer on-site supervision to ensure projects are on track to meet goals with minimum disruption, and maximum satisfaction.

Our project managers work with our service team and inventory manufacturers to create procedures and foster consistency with our processes.

a) Process Quality looks at what is used to determine project deliverables, and craft project management plans.

b) Service Quality examines project deliverables and confirms whether or not they meet standards put forth by your team, facility, staff, surgeons, and partners.

Inventory Optimization

By working to balance investments, maintain service level goals, and understand how volatile supply and demand can be, you facility can improve:

Inventory turns

Service levels

Amounts spent

Inventory optimization is the product of proper inventory management, which our streamlined process also offers. Through this, your facility will see:

Reduction of stock items

Lessened carrying costs

Higher fulfillment turn rates

Preserved margins

SimplOR’s inventory optimization process works to accurately distribute inventory across your supply chain, evaluate levels of volatility, and reduce waste through an ideal product flow.

When the initial evaluation is complete, you’ll have a better understanding of what your optimal safety stock levels are, and be able to improve service to your surgical team.

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