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So much is expected of today's vendors. simplOR can help.

Medical device sales is unlike any other sales potion. There are multiple functions that can often seem overwhelming.


Make sales calls

Conduct sales meetings

Attend sales trainings

Attend surgeon dinners

Navigate product approvals

Perform inservices


Attend clinical trainings



Hospital Protocols

Cover cases

Support surgeons

Anticipate needs

Interpret imaging

Inventory Management

Track case postings

Coordinate shipping

Deliver trays to hospital

Set up trays

Deliver trays to SPD

Pull trays for case

Manage paperwork

Restock trays

Where are you spending your time?

Some weeks it can seem like your spending almost all of your time with inventory management.  What if you could spend that time on other areas of your business?

A new option - simplOR.

Now you have access to a team of people at your account dedicated to ensuring your trays and inventory and accurate and ready for your cases.  Think of us a virtual sub-rep.